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Top View of Succulent Plants

Care tips for your succulents

Now that you have your betchin' terrarium, it's time to care for it!  Follow the tips below for easy care and maintenance of your Plant Betch succulents in their terrarium.


Allow the top inch or so of the soil to go dry between waterings, and water at the base of each plant using a squeeze or spray bottle. Between waterings, feel free to give your terrarium a spritz from a mister to promote a humid environment.  Under-watered plants have limp, wrinkled leaves over-watered plants have mushy translucent top leaves.


Don't let terrarium plants become leggy and overgrown; you want to be able to admire individual plants and see the other decorative elements inside the terrarium. To keep your terrarium plants neat and tidy, trim them when they become overgrown and have crowded the terrarium. You can also prune their roots to keep them small.


Avoid direct sunlight when possible if placed in direct sun or extremely bright light, terrarium glass can act as a magnifier and burn the plants. If your terrarium doesn't receive enough indirect light, use grow lights to provide supplemental light, or move terrarium to a window that receives good indirect light. 

Dead or broken leaves

If a terrarium plant looks like it might be diseased, dying, or not thriving, remove it immediately because its problems can infect other plants. Use a small shovel, terrarium tool, chopsticks, or long spoon to remove the plant, being careful not to disturb the roots of other plants. Replace the plant with one of a similar size and the same moisture and light requirements. Be sure to surround the roots with soil, leaving no air pockets.

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